Ariel McGinnis as The Bride

For the first 28 years of my life I was just a lonely hipster, finding solace in my oversized headphones and beanie. Then, on April 16th, 2011, my good friend Jocelyn invited me to a “party”. It turned out that this “party” was actually an intimate sit down dinner with some guy named Todd and his brother, Doug and Jocelyn. My $300K of education was not lost on me and I knew something was up!

Two years later, overlooking a coastal sunset in Mendocino (Perhaps more commonly known as Cabot Cove), Todd said he had a question he wanted to ask me. I replied, “Should you be standing for this question?” He replied, “Probably not…” He then gave me a ring that had my Mother’s engagement diamonds set in a design that Todd developed himself and presented in the same ring box that my Dad used to give my mom her ring!!

Ariel McGinnis

Todd Espiritu Santo

Todd Espiritu Santo as The Groom

After living in Malaysia for a few months, I decided it was time to give up the moped and the search for a wife. I returned to the USA and moved to San Francisco, living with Doug and Jocelyn. Three weeks later I found an apartment and decided to have a celebration dinner. Jocelyn casually mentioned that Ariel was going to stop by. Oddly, everyone quickly vanished and it was just Ariel and me. I knew at that point, something was up, especially because even my brother decided to leave us be. Reflecting, I’m very glad they were all in cahoots.

A year and a half later, I had this great idea to build a custom ring that had a heat activated inscription and could also make people invisible. After it was forged, I knew it was time to ask the question on our 2 year anniversary. I just wished I remembered to kneel down before asking...

I know we are meant to be since Ariel let me get away with building this website!

Miranda McGinnis as Mother of the Bride

“Don’t count Ariel out!” What prophetic words from your Grandfather Charlie White. Ariel, your Dad’s and my surprise bookend who has always been the sprite defined by Shakespeare, determined to keep up with your three older siblings from Day 1. Our beautiful daughter, you chose your own path, confident and secure.

Ariel, Dad and I were so proud of the woman you have become and always marveled at your independence and focus. And Todd, we fell in love with you when you arrived at Heather and Bill’s and met Ariel’s siblings in mid-meal at the dinner table. You were relaxed and part of the family from that moment. Your ease with all of the McGinnis Clan told us that there is something special about you. Then you popped the question – to Dick – in the first week of June 2011 – “Dick, what makes a good marriage?” I looked at Ariel, but she didn’t roll her eyes, so I knew something serious was happening here. Ariel, I think your Dad’s answer truly described marriage, and, hopefully, what you and your brothers and sister saw in our home: “First you have to love and respect yourself, then you can love and respect another.” That’s what makes a good marriage.

Todd and Ariel, you know who you are, respect yourselves and each other, and are sensitive to each other.

Bless you both!

Miranda McGinnis

Linda Espiritu Santo

Linda Espiritu Santo as Mother of the Groom

Linda raised Todd from when he was just a wee little guy. Like seriously little. So tiny, you'd probably need a microscope to see him. From that point on, she longed for the day to see her youngest son grow up and become someone big enough to be seen by the naked eye. That happened in about 6 weeks. Now she's just happy that Todd has met someone who will be there to help him function in his daily life. She is very happy that Ariel has the patience to deal with the man child, and her youngest child, Todd.

Heather Fink as The Maid of Honor

Heather met Ariel when Ariel was just one-day-old. Heather had told her parents they couldn’t come home from the hospital if the baby was a boy. Two brothers were plenty; it was a sister she wanted and it was a sister she got!

In her big sister role, Heather has done her best to take care of Ariel over the years, from calming Ariel’s fears of lead poisoning at summer camp to helping her deal with the aftermath of a squirrel break-in at school. Heather graciously handed-down her Barbies, her favorite dresses, and even her bedroom (for a bit), and as Ariel got a little older, provided home-cooked meals, storage for all of her odds and ends, and unlimited access to laundry facilities.

But it is time now, for Heather to hand-off the caregiver responsibilities to someone else, someone who is perhaps even more capable of easing Ariel’s fears and helping her deal with future squirrel encounters. There is only one person in this world fit for that job…Todd is the one! So not only did Heather get the loyal, loving sister she always wanted, she has also gotten another loyal, loving brother!

Heather Fink

Gregg Espiritu Santo

Gregg Espiritu Santo as The Best Man

Hi, I'm Todd’s brother Gregg or “Raguki” as I am sometimes called by him. I can remember all the way back to when Todd was a wee-lil-man as I was 10 when he was born. As you can imagine, Todd and I have shared a lot of great times through the years. From long intense conversation on calculus to playing final fantasy for days on end with no sleep, we always had a blast (yes we a bit nerdy). He left for collage in San Diego and we spent some time apart only to be a reunited a few years later when he came to the bay area to join our little web startup company. Little did I know that this trip up north would lead Todd to a successful career and yep, ultimately finding the woman of his dreams. I'm so happy for my lil bro and Ariel and wish them the very best.

P.S. Hey Todd and Ariel, got room for one more on that trip to Bora Bora?

Jennifer Moerer as Bride's Maid 1

In 1997, Jennifer first met Ariel in front of the Frosted Flakes dispenser at the Kappa Alpha Theta House at Northwestern, where Ariel was visiting her sister (and Jennifer’s dear friend) Heather, for Siblings Weekend. During Ariel’s Stanford Days, Jennifer got to know Ariel even more through the occasional restaurant outing in SF. But their relationship really took off when Ariel moved back to SF from DC. Their shared love for food, adventure, silly humor and the McGinnis family bonded them together. Jennifer met Todd at Ariel’s housewarming party on April 2, 2011 and knew there was something very special about him immediately. We lost the court documents, but sometime over the course of the years, Jennifer adopted Ariel as her sister. Jennifer could not be happier to gain Todd as a brother as well as a neice, Jalapeña!!!

Jennifer Moerer

Calvin Hsu

Calvin Hsu as Groom's Man 1

Calvin is Todd's token Asian friend from the magical land of Newbury Park, CA. They have been friends ever since they met in kindergarten at the age of 5. Through sand castle building and a common quest to dominate the handball courts a bond of eternal friendship was forged.

Throughout their childhood, Todd remained Calvin’s good friend despite Calvin and his father accidentally abandoning Todd at a fair, temporarily leaving him in the care of the carnies. And the friendship continued even when 17 year old Calvin decided to venture south to explore Todd’s cultural homeland (but instead got lost and ended up in San Diego).

Eventually, Todd made his way to UCSD much like how an engineer infiltrates a GDI construction yard. Many good times were had and lasting memories made as roommates in San Diego... a time which Calvin will always remember fondly. Most importantly, Calvin is ecstatic that Todd Espiritu-Mosby has fulfilled his destiny and finally found Ariel “The One” McGinnis.

Elle Heier as Bride's Maid 2

Elle met Ariel sophomore year of high school. We lived across the hall from each other and spent countless evenings together engaging in typical teenage shenanigans. After college, we were reunited in DC and moved in together. We became temporary Nat's fans, threw fantastic parties, shared a love of cheesy TV shows and learned to survive the mean streets of Washington. Then we adopted a special cat named Pancake. Shortly thereafter Ariel moved across the county, mainly to escape Pancake. Despite the distance we have remained very good friends!

Elle Heier

Doug McCune

Doug McCune as Groom's Man 2

Doug has a paper head. He does not like fire because of this. Doug and Todd met way back in the days of elementary school. They had many adventures, which included Doug setting Todd's foot on fire. The two then continued to party in San Francisco where Doug and his wife, Jocelyn, plotted in connecting Todd with Ariel. And surprising to them... err.. I mean... And they totally knew that it would work out and that Ariel would be able to help keep Todd in check by making sure he eats and showers.

Susan Coughlin as Bride's Maid 3

Susan and Ariel met at Ariel’s first job out of college. Susan was assigned to be Ariel’s peer mentor (read, was paid to be her friend) and wrote the nicest, most thoughtful introductory email EVER to reassure Ariel about her new job! Days and weeks passed, and Ariel never wrote back. Susan was sad and thought, “I’ll never be friends with THAT girl”. Fortunately, the day came when Ariel started working, and they became fast friends, even when they weren’t both being paid to hang out.

Now, 10 years, 3 cross country moves, an MBA, 3 jobs, fiancé, and cat later, Ariel and Susan are practically neighbors, living just blocks away from each other in SF. They enjoy wine dates, cat dates, ABC Family dates, and long walks in Noe Valley. Susan likes to credit herself for Ariel and Todd’s move to Noe Valley, and that her role as Ariel’s peer mentor helped to shape the successful professional Ariel is today (neither of which are actually true). Susan has almost forgiven Ariel for that nasty no-email-response business.

Susan Coughlin

Greg Boursalian

Greg Boursalian as Groom's Man 3

Greg and Todd met back in highschool and the two formed a bond and also attempted to start a band. While the music career did not work out, the two did travel the world together (Along with Andy Farris). And by world, I mean Norway. It was awesome, even down to them doing laundry with Greg wearing a shirt and a blanket for pants and Todd using a blanket as a makeshift pancho. Greg and Todd have always enjoyed talking about the randomness of life and why the world works the way it does. Greg is thrilled to see Todd taking the next step with a wonderful woman, Ariel.

Michelle Olenoski as Bride's Maid 4

Michelle and Ariel also met at Ariel’s first job out of college as consultants in DC. They share a common bond, both hailing from Central PA. In DC they became close friends by sharing many “bottles” of wine and enjoying many kickball team outings together.

Years later, they seem to always live on opposite coasts (with Michelle currently in DC), but have continued to keep in touch. Their matching dresses and Halloween superhero costumes are typically packed in their suitcases for their weekends together!

Michelle Olenoski

Ray Kallmeyer

Ray Kallmeyer as Groom's Man 4

Ray is a pirate and met Todd over on the pirate ship “Cardinal Health” as pirate interns. Ray happened to play the base guitar and Todd the drums. This was an instant match and they jammed out many pirate tunes throughout their adventures sailing the seas of San Diego. After Todd moved to San Francisco, Ray decided he missed his pirate buddy and moved up there where he found that Todd was being well attended to by Ariel. Ray is very happy that Todd has finally met his wench and that they can plunder the seas for years to come.

Jess McGinnis as Honorary Bridesmaid

Ariel and Jess met their junior year at Stanford. With a shared love for good deals, Thai café salads, and strong drinks, they became fast friends. Their common dislike of bad pant-shoe combinations and pleated front pants only served to strengthen their bond. Following graduation, Ariel and Jess remained close as Ariel moved to Jess’s home town, DC, to start her first job. Not long after that, Ariel suggested a fall trip to Las Vegas where she introduced Jess to her brother Charlie. Luckily, what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas and in 2008 Ariel and Jess because sister-in-laws. Jess is crushed to be missing Ariel and Todd’s big day, but will be celebrating with them remotely from Chicago as she awaits the birth of/takes care of her second son.

Jess McGinnis


Jalapeña as Peña

Peña is a cat and she's smizing.

I am a secret